Sunday, February 17, 2013

Free App for Now: Multiflow, a Math Fact app (part of The Flow Series)

Multiflow is an app that appeared yesterday on Apps Gone Free.  Usually $1.99, this currently free app is the best I have seen for multiplication facts.

Touring through this app, I started with the Mad Minute and "Easy" option, since 1-12 are the facts that most fifth graders should know.

You also have the option to go backwards.

I also liked that you can choose specific facts to study or practice with.

 Once you type in the correct answer it takes you immediately to the next problem.

Students can see their slowest and fasted answers.  This is a great feature to see what problem students struggled on the most during their session.

It's also easy to set up individual user profiles, which is perfect for a class that is not have a 1:1 iPad setup.

Even though I previewed this app, they have FlowPlus and DivisonFlow for free as well.  I assume they are very similar and also worth the download.

Update (2/19/13):  All three apps are now $1.99.

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  1. Just checked in the Canadian iTunes store and it's back to $1.99. Looks like it might be worth the price.



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