Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Quick Way to Make Your Own Groups in Class with Team Maker


To quickly put your students into groups and display in front of the class so students can see the groups.

Tech Edventure:

Team Maker is a site I recently found to break the class into groups.

This is what you will you see when you first get to the site.  Unless you want to name your students after every character of The Office, I'd suggest quickly changing their names.

I decided the best way to do this quickly would be to just type in their student numbers.  I also changed what the team names are based on.

When you click on Output format you have three options (as seen below).

Here are how all three turn out and the advantages / disadvantages of each:

Show Preview (HTML) - You would have to scan through and not be able to see all of the teams at once.

Save as Excel (CSV) - This may be the best option for a complete overview, especially if projecting in front of the class.

New Window (HTML) - Shows almost all of the teams in an average size class.


I think this is a fun and quick way to split students into groups.  What sites do you use to make your own groups?

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