Saturday, November 10, 2012

How I Planned to Use iPads in my Classroom This Year


To lay out how I plan to use iPads in my classroom this school year in order to get more for student-use. (I wrote this about two months ago, but thought I should still share. It's funny how much it has changed in the last two months).

Tech Edventure:

Below is the write-up that I presented.

How I Use iPads in my Classroom 2012-13

Small Groups:

I’ll put one iPad at each table in my Language Arts and Social Studies classes.  We'll use the app, Socrative. Each group will easily be in sync with my laptop.  I will orally ask the class questions (either T/F, multiple choice, short answer, or exit slip) and they will have to work together to come up with an answer.  These answers will automatically show up on my computer (which will be projected onto the board).  

QR Codes Around the Room

I’m beginning to put QR Codes on various posters and bulletin boards, depending on what we are currently studying.  Students can inquire about these by using the QR Reader on the iPad, “zapping” the code, as it will lead to students to wherever the teacher would like it to take them.

For example, the code on the bottom-left of the poster leads students to a brief biography of Bo Jackson.

As students learn more and more "words of the day," they may begin to forget certain words.  Each word has a QR code that leads them to the definition of that word.

Every 15 words the students learn, they will take a quiz, which is located on a QR code.  It will take them to the screen as seen on the left and then they can begin their quiz.


The picture above is of a quiz website called Testmoz.  I plan on making mini quizzes for grammar using this site and QR Codes.  Students will use the iPad to take a quick assessment, and based on how they do, students will zap the QR code to direct them towards their differentiated assignment.

Edmodo is a site I use with the students when each student has their own computer.  However, this site can also be used for differentiating instruction with the Edmodo app.  I can easily create new groups and have students work with groups on individual tasks specific for that group of learners.


Every iPad will have all of our current reading stories on it.  I’ve also come up with some of my own audio reviews and “Name that Explorer” sound clips that I’ll also include.

Student Creation

Apps like Storyboards (on the left) would be great to use in Language Arts.

Other creation apps that I plan to use (once I learn a little more about them) are Animoto, Audioboo, Sock Puppets, and Puppet Show.


I was presented five total iPads to use in my classroom this year. I will have complete control over what apps are purchased and how they are used.  I couldn't be happier!

I'm assuming that by the end of this year I will look back and laugh, as I'm sure I will find many different uses for the iPads that will challenge my students, and help them grow as learners.

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