Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Easily Make an Online Quiz with Testmoz


To quickly and easily make an online quiz for my students.

Tech Edventure:

Testmoz is a site that I read about on Free Technology for Teachers.  This site has changed how I give many of my quizzes and tests in my classroom.

To get to Testmoz, you simple go to and you'll see the following screen.  Click on "Make a Test" to continue.

In the next screen, you'll enter the name of the test or quiz and choose an admin password that you will easily remember.  I use the same password on all of the quizzes I make.

There are several types of questions you can choose.  Once you are done writing the question, you can click "Save and Add New Question," or "Save" if you are done creating the quiz.

 Click the "Publish" button when your quiz is ready to go.

After you publish, you'll be given a URL.  Do not lose this!  The good and bad thing about this site is that you don't have to create a user name.  You just need your URL and password to access the quiz, as seen below.  This screen is the once that students use to login.

 For you to access the admin settings, click on "Admin Login" and enter your password.

 In "Admin" you are able to see the students names, scores, dates taken, and duration of the test.  You can click the X on the right to delete a score.


I've relied on this site for the past two years and absolutely love it.  Once you have created a quiz, you are done!  No more copies, no more searching, just don't lose the URL.  As I wrote in my post about QR Codes for Vocabulary Words, you can make a QR code for the quiz and students can actually just scan the code to get to the test.

What online assessment tools do you use?


  1. I use Google Forms + Flubaroo for multiple choice tests.


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