Sunday, June 24, 2012

Digital Replacements for your EZ Grader


To find a digital replacement for that old EZ Grader of yours that is missing and/or falling apart.

Tech Edventure:

Quickgrade is an online version of the EZ grader that can be found by typing in into any browser. If you use Google Chrome, it is also available as a Google Chrome app that can be added to your Chrome browser.  

After accessing the site, you can type in the total amount of questions being graded and then check the box next to the "Show Quick Chart" button.

When grading something in class, I usually use the projector to show students the correct answers for grading purposes. Afterwards, I'll go to Quick Grade and zoom in on their possible scores so they are able to see the score overview as well.

Groovy Grader is a free app that can be found in the iTunes App Store.

To use this app,  move the slider to the desired amount of total questions and all possible scores are displayed.


Both of these are replacements that are free, easy to use and access, and portable.  They provide a more modern, digital solution to the problem of misplacing those old EZ graders.

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  1. I recently released an easy grader application, called Easy Grade, to the App Store that also does half-points, for those teachers that give partial credit to some of their students. My app also offers a few more configuration options. Check it out here:


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