Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogging "Tech Edventures"


To share the experiences of integrating technology into a classroom and to highlight technology integration specifics that works best. 

Tech Edventure:

There are many technology resources out there.   Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers is one of the best sites, in my opinion.   I've been reading his site on my Google Reader feed for quite awhile now.  He has so many creative (not to mention, free) resources that are beneficial for teachers and students alike.  The key is trying out these resources and then deciding which work best in the classroom.

This site will show how we can best use all of this technology in our classrooms.  My personal goal is to utilize the technology integration resources and ideas that are already present and put them to work in my own classroom. By bringing these creative ideas into my classroom and using my own personal experience, I would like to be able to offer a first hand account as to which ideas and resources work best. 


This site will become a great source for teachers to see how to best integrate technology into their teaching, and have some fun with it as well.

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